Information Technology speeds up Competition and Globalization
To buy a better product at a lower price has led to technology transfers from industrial countries to Development countries with lower labour cost. China has become the factory of the world. From consumer goods to electronics, machinery and cars, made in China. Textiles and Software are made in India and Pakistan while Africa contributes with raw materials, minerals and energy. But Africa also wants its share in the big cake of manufacturing processes. Adding value to the raw materials provides jobs and welfare.

Competition is world wide and has no more borders
Expertise and experience to find the right partner for supply of machines and investments in production facilities. Germany still makes the some of the best machines. Find the best source for your special needs. Develop markets for your products.

Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Projects
Renewable Energy, Solar, Biogas and Hydro power plants, processing machinery for agricultural products, infrastructure equipment such as LED street lights, pharma products and raw materials, medical equipment, oil refineries, road construction machines, trucks, trains and railway wagons, electronics and batteries…..

Africa is the continent for investments in renewable energy sources. Small and medium scaled decentralized project are favoured in order of limited grid availability. Uganda is using it’s oil sources to develop infrastructure and oil processing business at high speed. Come and be part of this booming development.

Film Production & Talent Promotion
Together with African Talents we sponsor and promote young talents in sports, art, music and fashion. Our aim is to get the kids away from the streets, give them motivation to develop their skills and lead them to a better future.